Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sam Stewart cardigan

Rather blurry screenshot from Foyle's War
gI'd been wanting to knit a version of this cardigan for ages and finally got my act together in March.

 There was a false start with a yellow version, but I didn't like how the yarn was knitting up with this particular stitch pattern, so I hunted through my stash and started again with some green wool which I knew would work - Drops Baby Merino - and would actually end up looking a bit more like the cardigan above.  I used the Bunches of Cherries stitch pattern from The Knitter's Stitch collection book, but modified it slightly to make the bobbles slightly smaller, and therefore quicker to knit.  This was quite a quick and easy knit once I got going with it, with just the bobble row being a bit time consuming.

I did plain sleeves because (1) I wasn't sure whether I'd have enough wool to knit them in pattern, (2) I wanted to knit them top down and frankly couldn't be arsed to work out how and (3) after the false start yellow version by the time I'd finished the body I. just. wanted. to. get. the. thing. finished.

Back view which also seems to showcase my dressform's backside
I'm very pleased with how this has turned out; I did a moss stitch button band because I'm not going to spend my time knitting a long thin strip of ribbing and sew it on - life's too short.  Buttons are from Textile Garden - this is a (lovely) rabbit hole of a website, although whenever I've bought buttons from them it has been at shows rather than online (and I do have quite a few of their buttons now, they have such a good selection). They're not vintage, but they are a perfect colour match and I'm really not precious about everything having to be as close to era as possible.
Front view
I should really try to get some modelled shots, either that or add some padding to Myrtle, because she definitely looks skinnier than me...

I love this cardigan, it goes with quite a few of my me-made dresses, and some of the RTW ones as well, so was definitely worth persevering with.  I might have to go and watch some Foyle's War now.

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