Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bette cardigan

After the disappointment of this yarn not working for the Sam Stewart cardigan, I started looking for a stitch pattern that would work and while browsing my knitting books I found the Bette top in Knit Vintage by Madeline Weston and Rita Taylor.  I liked the look of the lace panel, did a swatch and was pleased with it, so charted out the pattern and started knitting.
Close up to show the lace pattern and the buttons

The shaping for the V-neck is to the sides of the pattern rather than at the neckline, and I did a moss stitch button band, which had to be a bit wider than I would normally have done to accommodate the buttons which I bought at Hammersmith Vintage Fair hoping that they would match the yarn and they do!  They are a bit larger than I'm used to using but I think they look fine.   And I've got plenty left, so if I can find some fabric in my stash that will match them I can use them for a shirtdress pattern too.

This didn't take long to knit at all - I'd already done the ribbing when it was going to be the Sam Stewart cardigan and the back and sleeves are stocking stitch.  I'm very pleased with how it's turned out.
Here with my pink Ditto birds dress, which has the occasional yellow bird on it

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