Monday, 30 November 2015

Sew Brum meet up

Goodness, this was nearly a month ago - how time flies!  I had a great day out - I'd booked my train ticket months ago so got a very good deal on the price and knitting time on the train to boot.  I did get a bit confused by the very posh refurb of New Street station in Birmingham, but fortunately managed to find my way to the meet-up cafe - there were already lots of people there and it was lovely to meet other sewing peeps in person - some who I follow on instagram and some who I'd never come across before but now do.

We started off in the city, with some folk going to the rag market and others (including me) going to Barry's and then the Fancy Silk Store.  By the time I was done there it was time to head off to Moseley on the bus so I didn't go to the rag market at all - another time!
Fabric shopping in Barry's

My purchases from Barry's - pink/red tartan wool, graphic stretchy print and two florals
Several of us sat at the back of the bus and there was chatting and general admiring of each others clothing and purchases which was fun.  The two fabrics above on the left will become skirts, and the two floral prints are for dresses.

Once in Moseley we stopped off at the Farmers' Market and bought food to eat for lunch and then headed to Guthrie & Ghani.  This is a lovely shop and Lauren (the owner and finalist in the first series of GBSB) was delightful and remained calm and serene despite so many of us.
All the other things

I'm dipping my toe into the sewing with knits pool - one of the ladies in the shop was wearing a top which she'd made from some mustard coloured sweatshirt material and it looked fab.  So I bought some in the same colour, and also in turquoise and finally succumbed and bought the Coco pattern (all in picture above).  I've seen so many of these popping up on the internet and I think it will be a good introduction - I like its simple lines.  I've already pre-washed and dried the fabric and am very pleased that it didn't shrink much at all.  I also bought some buttons and got a gorgeous goody bag in the softest baby needlecord.
Some of the raffle prizes
Along with yummy refreshments, there was a pattern and fabric swap in the upstairs room of the shop - I took several pieces of fabric and came away with four patterns - two vintage and two current ones.

I also won some fabric in the raffle - 2m of denim which I think is going to end up being a skirt, or maybe two.  I don't have a denim skirt and I've half-heartedly looked for one on rare excursions to clothes shops over the past couple of years and haven't found one that I liked, so I think perhaps a Kelly or maybe a New Look 4-gore a-line one (in the separates section of my pattern stash page).  Or maybe both because it's 60" wide so there might be enough for two skirts.

All in all it was a great day, I really enjoyed it - thank you so much to Charlotte of English Girl at Home for organising it.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Audrey in the attic

I've been meaning to knit this pattern for a while and finally I've got around to it!  I followed it more or less exactly, except I did full length sleeves and one-row button holes.  It's a well written pattern and easy to follow.

The twisted rib took what seemed like forever, but I do like how it looks.  I actually knitted this up pretty quickly - I had three return train journeys last month, one to Birmingham, one to York and one to Edinburgh, plus some overnight hotel stays so I had more than usual amounts of knitting time to get this done.

The yarn is absolutely gorgeous to knit with and is lovely and soft - the colourway is Attic Room, hence the name of the cardigan.  One skein was slightly lighter than the others, don't know how I didn't notice this at the time I bought them (or maybe I did and I've just forgotten...), so I used that for the lace portion of the two fronts, the button and buttonhole bands, the neckline and cuffs.
Difference in colour isn't as noticeable as it looks in the photo...

It came from Loop and I've got one more jumper quantity in my stash which I'd like to knit up quite soon, just for the pleasure of knitting it!  Not sure what it will become yet though.

The buttons are some vintage ones which I think came from Hammersmith vintage fair.  I've already worn this a fair bit, it's a very useful addition to my wardrobe. Now I must away - I have a jumper to finish and the delights of applied i-cord await.