Sunday, 2 March 2014

There has been knitting

Yes my knitting mojo has returned with a vengeance and there has been very little sewing this year - so far.  February went by in a blur, and now that March is here it is almost beginning to feel like Spring, so the sewing machine will be out soon for more dressmaking.

My focus on knitting was enhanced by attending Unravel at Farnham Maltings last weekend - so much knitty goodness under one roof!  I went with a shopping list and got everything I was after (plus a few other bits and pieces...).  I was especially pleased to find some lovely pink yarn, having decided that I need a pink cardigan, and have already been through my stitch dictionaries to find some stitch patterns to use.  I can't wait to start on it, but have a blue cardigan to finish first.

Anyway, onto my first knitted FO of the year.  This cardigan pattern caught my eye when it first came out, I think it's so pretty, and I'd been seeing quite a few FOs appearing in my friends' activity tab on Ravelry in this particular yarn and already had some in my stash, so the Pecan Primrose was born.

This was an easy knit although I did make a few modifications.  I changed the neckline and the button bands and made the sleeves shorter, but essentially it's pretty much as per the pattern.  I love the colour and it goes with rather a lot of my dresses!  I'll almost certainly knit this pattern again in a different colour at some point.

Pecan Primrose cardigan

Primrose cardigan back view