Sunday, 31 May 2015

Me made May final round-up

Here's the final round up for this year's me made May.  I'm hoping that June will be warmer!

Day 22 - a vintage Laura Ashley dress and Cad cardigan, which I knitted back in 2011.

Vintage Laura Ashley dress and Cad cardigan
Day 23 - a Simplicity 1990 dress and an rtw cardigan.

Simplicity 1990 and rtw cardigan

Day 24 - Yes, it was just about warm enough to justify wearing my Flamingolex dress - hooray!  This is still one of my absolute favourite dresses. With an eye-searingly bright rtw cardigan.

Flamingolex dress and rtw cardigan

Day 25 - An Anthropologie dress which I adore, and Emelie cardigan which I knitted in early 2013.

Burgeoning hypericum dress and Norway Spruce toshsock Emelie
Day 26 - Bluebirds dress and an rtw cardigan.

Bluebirds dress and rtw cardigan
Day 27 - Up, up and away dress and rtw cardigan.

Up, up and away dress and rtw cardigan
Day 28 - Watermelons Anna dress and rtw cardigan.

Watermelons dress and rtw cardigan
Day 29 - Ocean Waves cardigan, finished in 2012, and polka dot Simplicity 3774 dress - I must make another of these very soon, I love this pattern!  This is the first time I've worn these two together and I'll do it more often - they really go well together.

Simplicity 3774 dress and Ocean Waves cardigan
Day 30 - Carmen Miranda dress and Gooseberry Fool cardigan, knitted in 2011.

Carmen Miranda dress and Goosebery Fool cardigan

Day 31 - Tropicanna Anna maxi dress - I love this, although because it's got a V-neck back as well as front I think I'm going to replace the front bodice with a bateau-neck because it slips off my shoulders rather too easily if I'm sitting down.  It's fine when I'm vertical, gravity keeps it in place!

Tropicanna dress
And that's it for this year's me made May.  19 handknitted cardigans and 22 me made dresses - three Annas & variations, three Elisalexes & variations, three Emerys, two Butterick 5748s, one New Look 6824, one Simplicity 1990, one Simplicity 3774, two Vogue 8789s, one Vogue 8728, two Cambies and three dresses which were mash-up combinations of two patterns (Elisalex/Emery, Butterick 5748/Simplicity 2444 and Elisalex/New Look 6824).  I've really enjoyed it and it's made deciding what to wear each day easy.  I took the outfit photos in batches, usually on Sundays, and once I'd seen the weather forecast for each day I'd look through the photos and pick something suitable.  It says something about how cold this month has been that so many me-made cardigans have featured - normally at this time of year I wouldn't be wearing wool!

And now I must do some housework!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Me made May week 3 round-up

And here we have the outfits I wore during the third week of May - lucky there has been a long bank holiday weekend for me to do some blog catching up!

15 May - Shell Pink cardigan and rtw jeans and blouse.  As is obvious not a very good mirror selfie!  But this was the least worst of the dozen or so photos that I took...

Day 15 - Shell pink cardigan and rtw jeans and blouse

16 May - Honeybee cardigan which I made during Spring 2013, and Vogue 8789 orange dress.

Day 16 - V-8789 orange dress and Honeybee cardigan

17 May - rtw dress and Purple Hearts cardigan - blogged about here although I haven't yet published the post which I wrote once it was finished...

Day 17 - Eucalyptus dress and Purple Hearts cardigan

18 May - Pink birds dress and Bette cardigan - I've only recently finished this, so, yet another FO which I haven't blogged about yet!  Wrote about the dress here.

Day 18 - Bette cardigan and Pink Birds dress

19 May - This is a cotton cardigan which I made back in 2010 and which I haven't worn that much in the past couple of years because I prefer waist-length cardigans with dresses with full skirts.  However, I love the colour and should wear it more.  The t-shirt and skirt I've had for quite a few years.  The skirt originally had a tie sash on it, but I unpicked the side seams and took it out because I think it looks better without.  Love the vintage-y look of it.

Day 19 - Yellow cotton cardigan, skirt from Next

20 May - Shell Pink cardigan (again) and green daisy Emery dress.  I love this dress, it's so summery (shame the weather hasn't caught up with itself yet though).

Shell Pink cardigan and green daisy Emery dress

21 May - This is a tie front cardigan which I made a few years ago, and the dress is a modified Elisalex which I blogged about here.

Tangerine Dream cardigan and Birdielex dress
And now I'm all caught up with me-made-May.  Phew!  Just the posts about this year's finished cardigans to finish writing and publish now...

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Me made May week 2 round-up

Moving swiftly on, here's a round-up of week 2's outfits.

8 May - This is an rtw dress, I absolutely love the print and have bought some of the fabric which I have yet to make up.  Once I've done that I'll probably either turn this dress into a skirt, or maybe pass it on.  The cardigan is an Emelie which I made in 2013.
Day 8 - Home Sewing is Easy dress and Emelie cardigan

9 May - Here we have my grey and yellow birds Emery, and Little Grey Cardi, which I made back in 2011.  I should wear it more - I've got quite a lot of clothes that it would go with and I wore it a lot when I first made it.
Day 9 - Grey and yellow birds Emery and Little Grey Cardi

10 May - This cardigan is the same pattern as the one for day 9, but in blue and made a year later.  The dress is my Antoine et Lili-ish Cambie

Day 10 Antoine et Lili-ish Cambie and Queen Anne cardigan

11 May - Red daisy Emery dress and an rtw cardigan.
Day 11 - Red Daisy Emery and rtw cardigan

12 May - Vogue repro pattern 8728 in floral fabric which I love, and an rtw cardigan.  I think I've got enough of this fabric left to make a blouse - it's very soft and has a lovely drape - so that's added to the ever increasing list of things I want to sew!
Day 12 - Mustard yellow Vogue 8728 and rtw cardigan

13 May - An rtw dress which I bought in Sainsbury's last year after seeing it on Sarah's blog and a work colleague telling me the same week that she had seen a dress in her local Sainsbury's which she though was very 'me'.  It was obviously meant to be mine!  The cardigan is one I've knitted this year and yet to blog about.
Day 13 - Lemons dress by Tu and Primroses for Spring cardigan

14 May - another freezing cold day - wearing an aran weight cardigan in the middle of May is just not on!  I finished it in early 2013, so it predates this blog.  The dress came from People Tree a few years ago and is one that I've worn a lot.

Day 14 - People Tree dress and grey aran cabled cardigan
Well, that's two weeks caught up now, only one more to go!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Me made May week 1 round-up

Well, I need to catch up here, it's already day 23 of me-made May!  So, without further delay, rewind to the beginning of the month.

1 May - Roses are Red dress and Sam Stewart cardigan.  I blogged about the dress here, but the cardigan I only finished last month and it will get its own post later.  This was the first time I'd worn this dress this year - it's not really one I would wear in the winter so I'm very glad that Spring is here because I love it!
Day 1 - Roses are Red dress and Sam Stewart cardigan

 2 May - Pink tape measures dress and Shell Pink cardigan.  I wrote about the dress here, and the cardigan here and here.  This cardigan is lovely and warm, although it has pilled a bit...

Day 2 - Pink tape measures dress and Shell Pink cardigan

3 May - Noro cardigan and jeans - which won't fit on Myrtle so they didn't get photographed.  It was flippin' cold and this cardigan is nice and warm!  I haven't blogged about it because I made it back in 2012, before I started writing this blog.  It's just a basic stocking stitch cardigan really - not much more to say about it than that!
Cardigan made with Noro Silk Garden yarn

4 May - Dotty Anna dress and Pecan Primrose cardigan.  Dress blogged here, and cardigan here.  I really like both of these - separately and together!
Day 4 - Dotty Anna dress and Pecan Primrose cardigan

5 May - Garden Birds dress and Blue Palm Leaf cardigan.  Dress blogged here, and cardigan blogged here.  It says something about the weather we had at the beginning of the month that I was wearing wool cardigans rather than lighter weight rtw ones.
Day 5 - Garden Birds dress and Blue Palm Leaf cardigan

6 May - Paper Roses Cambie dress and Sam Stewart cardigan.  Again.  Dress blogged here.  I am so pleased with this cardigan - it goes with quite a lot of my dresses!
Day 6 - Paper Roses Cambie and Sam Stewart cardigan

7 May - Pink Polka Dot Butterick 5748 and an rtw cardigan - the weather must have been warmer!  Dress is blogged here.

Pink Polka Dot Butterick 5748 and rtw cardigan

And there we have it - a week's worth of outfits; only two more catch-up me-made May posts to go!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Vintage pattern pledge and other bloggy happenings

Not quite sure how three months have gone by since my last post, I suppose I've actually been knitting (no sewing at all yet this year)!

Back in January (goodness, that long ago?) I signed up for the vintage pattern pledge on Stitching Odyssey's blog.  I loved seeing what everyone made last year, and this also fits well with my intention to sew from my pattern stash this year.  At the moment I'm knitting vintage, but the sewing will come when the weather warms up.  My pledge is to sew four dresses using vintage patterns which I haven't made up already.  I haven't decided which these will be yet - all from one decade or all of a particular style perhaps (shirtdresses, big skirts, slim skirts, sleeveless, kimono sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves...).  What will probably happen though is that I'll get all the patterns out on the floor, look at my fabric stash and start matching the two together.  This will no doubt end in more than four combinations and then I'll have to narrow them down!

I'm also currently participating in Me Made May, although I don't think I actually got around to signing up on Zoe's blog, tsk tsk.  Anyway, my pledge is to wear something me-made every day this month and so far I'm succeeding.  I've been posting daily outfit pictures on instagram and have loved seeing what other participants have been wearing as part of this challenge.  I'll do some round up posts on my outfits here shortly.  The weather hasn't been particularly warm yet this month which is a shame because it's meant that I haven't worn some of the dresses which I'd intended to, but there's still just over a week to go, so maybe they'll see daylight yet.  If not, well, there's always June, July and August!

I've also just signed up for the Lladybird / Untangling Knots Outfit Along on Ravelry.  I won't be using either of the suggested patterns though - I like knitting cardigans with 4-ply and I've got more than enough sewing patterns to choose from.  I've picked out a couple of possible combinations from my yarn and fabric stash but haven't decided which patterns to use for either combo.
Excelana 4-ply in Damson Wine and fabric which I can't remember the name of - will come back and edit this when I do
Malabrigo sock in Terracota and some vintage cotton
And I may well end up doing something completely different...

In the meantime, I've completely unravelled my Land Army-ish jumper and started knitting it all over again - will write about this in another post.

Actually, I've got several posts written in my head, I just need to get fingers to keyboard.

Well, that's it for now.  It's a bank holiday weekend and I've got a list of things I want to get done as long as both my arms - completely unrealistic, but I had the day off work today so at least I got a bit of a head start.  I'll be back again soon with some FOs and Me Made May round-ups.