Monday, 17 August 2015

Primroses for Spring cardigan

Cardigan number two for this year, which I started in January and finished back in March.  I wanted something a bit more blouse-y  and less fitted than previous cardigans have been.  No particular reason, I just fancied a change and this was the end result.
Even though the lace pattern is called Daisy Lace, the colour of the wool is much more Primrose than Daisy

The stitch pattern is called Daisy Lace from the Knitter's Stitch collection book by Lesley Stanfield and Melody Griffiths and I decided to do the pattern across the back as well as on the front.  I don't usually block fitted knitwear other than by wearing it, but this one I did press on the wrong side with a hot iron and wet tea towel, to open up the lace and save it from looking like a bowl of spaghetti.  It's also slightly longer than I usually knit, simply because I had enough wool.

The wool I used was Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 4-ply, which was very nice to knit with.  Body is in one piece up to the armholes, sleeves are top down, button band is knitted on and the neckline is an i-cord cast off.  Buttons from Hammersmith Vintage Fair.  There were enough on the card for another cardigan, which is good.

I think this looks a bit like Maria Olson's Miss Lemon pattern, although the lace pattern is different, it's shorter, not fitted and there's no waist shaping, so maybe it's just the colour!

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