Sunday, 22 June 2014

Daisy Emery the second

I bought this fabric a couple of weeks ago in Fabricland and I just love it, it's so summery!  I decided it would become an Emery in time to wear to the Christine Haynes event at Raystitch and got it finished at half past midnight on the Friday morning.  I did have to go to work that day, but nipped home at lunchtime to get changed so that I could get straight on the train after work.  It was a lovely event, fab food and cocktails, and great people.

Daisy Emery the second
 When I've been to Raystitch in the past I've failed to notice that they have a lovely little garden at the back of the shop - an oasis of tranquility and a great place for a get together since the sun was shining.  I really enjoyed the evening and it was especially good to meet sew-ers (have to put the hyphen in there otherwise my mind sees it as something else) whose blogs I read, and new ones whose blogs I've added to my reading list - although this is still in my head, not listed here.  There were some great dresses being worn, and I really enjoyed the short time I was there.  The fact I'd had a late night, been at work all day and then enjoyed alcohol in the sun meant that I was beginning to flag before the end of the 'do' and so didn't stay until the end, but it was a lovely end to the week.

I was very tempted by several of the fabrics at Raystitch, especially some of the Japanese ones - gorgeous colours and designs, but in the end I just bought a couple of pin cushions which I was really pleased to find.  I've been after a larger pin cushion for a while now and just haven't come across one, so when I saw these I decided to buy two!  They are fab - surrounded by little smiling people.

Happy, smiling pin cushions
 I've also decided to give this blog a bit of a summer makeover - I haven't made it to Paris yet this year and so to ward off possible withdrawal symptoms will be making up some of the Paris-themed fabric in my stash very soon.  But right now, I have a polka dot dress to finish and a fruit print dress to cut out so I shall say ttfn.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Me Made May - weeks 4 & 5

The first outfit for week 4 was my Flamingolex dress, with a pink cardigan from Woolovers and pink Birkenstocks, so it must have been a warm day ;-)

I should really decide what to do with the rest of this fabric, I think I have just under 2 metres left, so enough to make another dress, but maybe I should make a skirt instead?  I've seen some other flamingo fabric which I'm tempted to buy, but haven't yet - I really have (far) more than enough fabric stashed to last me through the summer.  I also have a flamingo print Hell Bunny dress which I bought last summer and which needs altering - should get on to that soon really because it's a fab dress.

19th May outfit

On Tuesday I wore my red roses dress, with a green Woolovers cardigan and white Birks.  I must make another of these because I do like the circle skirt on it.

20th May outfit
On Wednesday I wore my yellow Cambie dress with a blue Woolovers cardi and navy Birkenstocks (bit of a pattern here I think).

21st May outfit
And that was it for week 4 - I had Thursday and Friday off work.

Week 5 was a four day week because Monday was a bank holiday.  My original thinking at the beginning of the month was that by this time the weather would be warm enough for me to wear any of my dresses, but Tuesday was freezing and so I wore my yellow birds Emery again, with my Pecan Primrose cardigan, woolly tights and El Naturalista shoes.  Honestly, the last week of May and the weather was like March - urrghh!  I had intended not to repeat-wear any dress this month, but the fabric of this dress is quite thick, and wearing it meant that I could also wear a wool cardigan.  I've got lots of H&M and Woolovers cardis in different colours which are great when the weather's not cold, but they don't really cut it when it is.

27th May outfit
  Wednesday was no better weather-wise and so I wore an rtw dress from Anne Elisabeth in Paris with a me-made wool cardigan which I haven't blogged about, but there is some info about it on Ravelry here.

I absolutely LOVE this dress, I bought it last year and I can see that when it eventually wears out I'll unpick it to use as a pattern.  There's something quite vintage-y about the style - although not the fabric - kimono sleeves, underarm gussets, shaped bodice and a darted skirt with a deep hem.  It even has a lapped zip.  I find AE clothes are a bit hit and miss - some years I've liked lots of them other years not.  I have a fabulous skirt which I bought a few years ago, gorgeous print and very flattering style (although I won't unpick this one - I haven't got the patience to sew up the number of seams that it has).  And there have been a few other dresses and skirts that I've liked, but they either haven't had my size or I've baulked at the prices - in the past few years the perception that spending foreign currency isn't like spending 'real' money, and anyway I'm on holiday so it's a souvenir, hasn't overridden the sharp intake of breath at the price tag.  But this dress was worth every euro.

Woolly tights and black El Naturalista shoes, again.  Nearly June and woolly tights - it just shouldn't be necessary.

28th May outfit
On Thursday it felt marginally warmer and I wore my Anthro Anna dress with a cream H&M cardi, but still with woolly tights and El Naturalista shoes.

29th May outfit
Friday was another repeat wearing - my yellow vintage repro Vogue dress with a me-made blue wool cardigan (unblogged, but will write about it soonish), navy tights and Orla Kiely for Clarks shoes.

30th May outfit
And that is it!  I've enjoyed wearing these dresses and am itching to make some more now, having sewn nothing at all during May.

The pink cardigan I wrote about last week didn't actually get finished until the evening of Sunday 1st June, but that is close enough to the end of May for me.  And I didn't get to make a dress with buttonholes, but I have all summer to do that!  And I wish the weather had been a bit warmer towards the end of the month... but all in all, I've enjoyed participating in Me Made May and seeing what other bloggers have worn too.