Thursday, 1 June 2017

Me Made May 2017 final round up

Well, May flew by!  Here are my last three outfits for me-made May.

I do wear most of my dresses to work, but not the maxis, so as Monday was a bank holiday I wore my Tropicanna dress and a Honeybee cardigan - I really love the colour of this yarn (swoon).  

On Tuesday I wore a polka dot Butterick 5748 with an rtw cardigan.

And finally, yesterday I wore my red Cambie dress and a handknitted laceweight cardigan which I made a few years ago now - I must get around to knitting up the laceweight yarn I have in my stash - I love the fact that it makes such lightweight cardigans.

Despite having a few days off work during May they, and the weekends, were mostly taken up with doing other (fun) stuff.  And so I failed on the sewing part of my pledge, which was to make four dresses.  I did get the knitting part done though which was to complete two cardigans.  

Here are all this month's outfit photos...

Some of the outfit combinations from this year I also wore during me-made May 2014, 2015 and 2016 which just goes to show how useful some of these dresses still are!  And also that my taste in clothes hasn't changed much ;-)

And now, it's on to #OAL2017!

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