Monday, 15 May 2017

Me Made May 2017 week 2 summary

So, week two.

On Monday I had the day off work and as it was 8 May, which was VE day (also it wasn't particularly warm), I decided to wear my Suffragette City top with black leggings.  I did get some sewing done - I had a pair of curtains which needed hemming - I'd cut and pinned them weeks ago and then put them to one side, so I got my act together and finished the hemming.  Bonus is that now I have plenty of pins available for dressmaking use!  I then cut out a denim skirt, but haven't done any more to it than that yet.

On Tuesday I wore my Anna La Paloma dress and an rtw cardigan.

On Wednesday I wore my Paper Roses Cambie dress and Sam Stewart cardigan.

On Thursday it was my pink polka dot Butterick 5748 dress and an rtw cardigan.  This dress changed colour slightly in the wash some time ago and the dots are a now a more vintage-y looking cream colour which I actually prefer to the original white.

Friday was my Cath Kidston birds dress and an rtw cardigan.

Saturday was Bluebirds Emery dress and an rtw cardigan.

And on Sunday I wore another Emery with an rtw cardigan.

And that was week two.  Another not very warm week unfortunately - what is it with the weather?

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