Monday, 29 May 2017

Hi Ho Silver cardigan

This cardigan is my first knitting finish of Me Made May and gets its name from the theme song for Boon, which I have been watching recently.

I knitted this in one piece up to the armholes then separated for the fronts and back and made fake side seams.  There is waist shaping, top-down sleeves, one-row two-stitch buttonholes and an i-cord neckline.  This is pretty much my usual construction method for cardigans that I make without following a commercial pattern.

I love knitting with this wool (MadelineTosh Sock) and I think this colourway - Espadrilles - is gorgeous, although it's now discontinued and also difficult to photograph.  Despite editing these pictures I don't think I've got the colour quite right - it's a lovely deep pinky coral and goes very nicely with my new flamingo skirt!

The lace pattern is from Drops 160-17, but I substituted the column lace from the Honeybee pattern for the cables.  Having just knitted both a cabled cardigan and jumper I wanted a break from cables!

The buttons are from Textile Garden - I actually bought them with a different yarn in mind, but decided to use them for this cardigan instead.

Goes very nicely with Carmen Miranda, Flamingolex, Watermelons! and Tropicanna dresses
I can see I'm going to get plenty of wear from this - it also goes with quite a few of my me-made dresses.

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