Monday, 28 April 2014

The love affair with bird print dresses continues (Sew Dolly Clackett dresses 3 & 4)

Two more Dolly Clackett inspired dresses in this post.  The first one is a mash-up of a size 14 Elisalex bodice and the pleated skirt from New Look 6824 in a size 12.  The front half of the dress lined up beautifully - the princess seams matched up exactly with two of the pleats, and the side seams matched too.  I had to do a bit of fiddling about with the centre pleats on the back though to get them to line up.  I had already bought an rtw version of this dress but, because I love the print, and inspired by Roisin's Madarch dress I bought a metre and a half of furnishing fabric to make myself another in a different colour.

I'm really pleased with how this has turned out, my only concern is whether the invisible zip will hold up to use because the fabric is quite thick.  Time will tell I guess.  And I like this bodice / skirt combination, I can see it happening again!

Garden Birds dress
 The second dress is all New Look 6824 although I decided I wanted a v-neck.  I first saw rtw dresses made from this fabric in Zegerman & Lusky in Greek St London and fell in love with the fabric but couldn't bring myself to spend over a £100 on a ready-made dress, so decided to try and find the fabric online.  Get Cutie in Brighton have it as part of their range of fabrics, so I bit the bullet (I think this is the most expensive fabric I have bought so far) and bought two and half metres.  So, another bird print dress to add to my collection.  I think I may have a week of wearing just bird print dresses to work next month, can't wait to wear my Flamingolex again, I just love that dress. ;-)

And now I'm off to hem another avian creation.

Bluebird dress

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